PR Supps - BCAA - Peach Mango

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  • Amino Acids are referred to as the building blocks to the muscle. Three amino’s in particular (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) are known specifically for their potential ability to enhance recovery and assist with muscle growth. These three amino acids are known as “Branched Chain Amino Acids”, or “BCAA” for short. Unfortunately, BCAA is only part of the equation required for muscle recovery and growth. You will need to eat a balanced diet with enough calories to support your goals, and you will also need the presence of other “Essential Amino Acids” aka “EAA” for short. PR-BCAA not only contains a massive 8g of BCAA but it contains other essential amino acids as well to give you everything you need to form an amino acid product. We take things a step further by adding coconut water powder and electrolytes to help with hydration as well as Glutamine and Arginine AKG. This product is designed to not only give you all of the BCAA and accompanying EAA that you need to assist with recovery, but it includes hydration and pumps factors as well!

  • You may be wondering why you need this instead of just simply taking a protein shake or adding more protein to your diet. While it is possible to get enough amino acids in your diet without supplements, you have to consider the rate of absorption of certain dietary supplements. This product will supply fast-absorbing amino acids and hydration factors to help make sure that you are performing and recovering at your very best!

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